Roof Insurance Claims


Insurance Claim

This process could be as smooth as you could ever think off. If we follow the following steps our certified contractors will help you all ways to get the insurance claim for your roof.

  1. Contact Your Insurance Company and File Your Claim
  2. Schedule an appointment with the Insurance Adjuster
  3. Meeting with the Adjuster and with our Certified roofer
  4. Once it’s approved, within the next few days, you should receive a scope of loss/statement and the 1st check.
  5. Upon completion of the work we will send a final invoice to the insurance company

How we will help you?

Usually, the deductible is low for hail/wind storm claims so our roofer tries to find the proof of the Hail storm or wind storm damage and this will help homeowners in the insurance claim process. Having a good understanding of this process allows our certified roofers to best help homeowners maximize the return on their insurance investments and with the lowest possible money from homeowners pockets.

If you have recently filed a claim with your insurance company, received an insurance settlement, or would just like to know whether it makes sense to pursue an insurance claim, Claim the Roof and our team can definitely be the help. Call us today and a representative who is well-versed in the claims process will be able to help you in a very short period of time.

Why to choose us ?



Currently we are serving our clients in Orlando, Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, West Palm Beach and pretty much the whole state of Florida. If you’re from any other state our team can definitely find you a certified roofer in your area. Simply provide us your information and our team members will contact you shortly.



We work around the clock. We schedule the appointments for roof inspections and also provide emergency service. We work 24/7 and 365 days. Our customer service team is always there to help you via chat, call or email support.



We work with multiple certified local roofing contractors in the area. We do research about their work, licence and insurance so customers don't have to worry about that.