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Let our team help you know the best status of your roofs with ZERO cost consulting services. Our advice will definitely make a mark of your requirements for your home roof. Adding on we do offer world-class services with third party specialised contractors and with your budget intact.

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Roof Installation

Commercial roof installation is a big task and the task most worry about it covers a lot more than we expect under one roof. From machinery, to workforce to raw materials it's all under the same roof and thus maintaining it should be the utmost priority. Our certified roofer will follow the proven process of installing a new roof on your house, thus we leave our customers at the most transparent process and this helps build our trust.

Roof Replacement

Whether your roof is damaged or too old and you are in a confusion of what, when and how to do? We provide full consultation with all checks ticked green and details for you at ZERO cost to the commercial site owners to get your roof replacement done by the best contractors at Claim The Roof.

Leak Repair

Look for curled, cracked, or missing shingles at the roof of your office or workplace, if you need help in evaluating your roof’s overall condition we’ve got your covered with our 100% guaranteed consultation & services at ZERO cost once a year.

Gutter Systems

In addition to offering roof consultations, inspections, repairs and replacements, we offer high quality, professional gutters consultation and installation services to keep you completely relaxed with your work or office space gutter systems intact.

Insurance Claim

Do you see missing shingles on your roof or not sure of it? Is your roof too old? Our Certified roofers will do a FREE no-conditional inspection of your roof to see if there is any wind, hail or hurricane damage on the roof. And if it's there they will help you to the process and build your new roof with complete insurance cover.

Roof Inspections

A commercial site is a keystone of your earnings, so keeping it safe makes up to the utmost priority. If the roof is damaged or leaked you might lose the biggest asset. Thus it’s advised to have a roof inspection done twice every year. At we have ZERO cost roof inspection once a year.


Company story.

Parth Patel started working as a Project manager with a well-known company in Orlando, FL. In 6 months of time, he figured out that it’s tough for homeowners on whom to trust when it comes to dealing with their biggest asset. Parth knew that there is no industry standard brand or leader whom homeowners can trust with their biggest asset. So he started working on his own customer-centric company with a mission to help homeowners to feel safe doing business with‘s certified roofers because they guarantee the work is done at it’s best with best inspection and deals in your area. Hence was born.

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